Website Updates

Dear Clients,

We are glad to have our support plans available on the website for clients to review the different options. Support plans pay for the security, maintenance, monitoring service and software associated with each plan. In an effort to help clients manage their labor costs we do not include labor in any support plan, this means customers only pay labor costs on on-site and remote service calls.

Our services can take varying amounts of time and to save clients time on figuring out how much it would cost them we offer free estimates and consulting of services. If it isn't listed you can inquire about the service by calling or emailing us at the contact information located below. We are currently working on adding an FAQ to the website for clients so look forward to that addition soon.

Products is our next page we plan to have updated within the next few days so customers have an easier time of looking up the information they need. As always thank you for letting us solve your IT solutions and in the continued working relationship in the future clients.

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