December 2018 Update

Dear Clients,

All things change and good things are around the corner for CTL. We have updated our website to reflect changes to our managed service plans, along with also updating our service page to include our hourly rates depending on the service clients wish to utilize. The FAQ is a little short at the moment, but let us know your questions so we can update it with what you wish to know or have questions in regards to, please send FAQ questions to

CTL will not be accepting anymore orders for Christmas custom builds after Dec 10th, otherwise your custom build will most likely arrive after Christmas. We also would like clients to know that estimates need to be approved and paid for within the time frame of the estimate date otherwise it will likely result in a different cost due to part prices changing during the season!

We would like everyone to enjoy their holiday season and to remember that people are out there to steal and take your money so be careful when shopping online and utilize a good web-filtering software like AdGuard and a great Anti-Malware/Virus software like Emsisoft.