About Us


IT technology can do more than keep the everyday business running, it can also drive the success of your business! We utilize proven and innovative approaches to help your business discover, evaluate, architect and implement advanced technology into your current business model.


Culligan Technology LLC (CTL) was opened in February of 2016 in response to the need for honest IT solutions in Northeast Kansas.  This need was based on feedback from the communities I traveled in and heard about the lack of IT support to the smaller communities of Kansas. Our business was setup to help establish a trusted and reliable partner that could face the challenges of the developing IT world while giving our customers a world class information technology infrastructure that the customer was missing or needed.

Since our inception in 2016 we now service a wide variety of customers covering a variety of fields of focus. We have worked with new customers helping to align their workflows for the challenges that Covid 19 caused with workers being forced home along with customers who experienced ransomware and set them to a path that would better protect them now and going forward with data backup, retention, and recovery policies.


These are some of our wonderful partners we work with in delivering the best services to our customers.